The 1960′s was a great time I think, great tv shows and music!

Though I was very young at that time, you can see images on t.v. and hear the music on radio.

People where growing and needed change in a lot of areas of life.

Lot of great actors, and I mean Actors!  where making a lot of good quality movies that you would love to have in your dvd or bluray collection, money well spent.

MUSIC WAS GREAT; ROCK, SOUL, COUNTRY and let us not forget those english rock bands british invasion ! love that stuff!!

A lot of creativity in that decade; cool clothes , cool cars!

Super beautiful , classy, classy ladies were coming through that time.

Ladies like Audrey Hepburn, Sharon Tate, Leslie Caron and many more.

Hard and Fun, Fun times to live in that era.

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Ever been walking along somewhere or driving in your car going some place and out of the blue something pops in your head? , pow!! and you think crap  where did that come from? and a good feeling of a happy time you had some where .

Happy time meaning , being somewhere doing something , being with somebody and it made you happy.

You think about it  Now , and felt good , and your saying I wish I was doing that again, just to relive just a little while longer












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Ever did a job for LONG TIME?? and there is always a person or persons that think  they know what you go through? to get that job done?  and seem to think they can do things a better finding this or that wrong !

It is so funny because they have no clue! the Physical sometimes mental torture 

But hey it is all good , you do the best job you can and the haters can go suck on a lemon , not what I really want to say, but you get the picture!

Jobs come and go , so do people on jobs, would be a better workplace if the few knew to respect an individuals skills toward their job as to not think that it is as easy as it  looks.

When I have taken  a vacation on a job, left for a few days and come back, people who seem to know about my work , tell me when I come back you have a hard job, nobody can do that job but you.

Oh Really??


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My ultimate plan to get money


The plan here as far as money , start slow go over everything as much as possible , read, read   the information.

Read till I get it, and  get it!~ work this  to see where it takes me. 

Heck with all the craziness  on 9-5 jobs and being underpaid , and underappreciated  , what do I or You  have to loose? Let’s do this!!

I am hoping for a six figure income, help my kid, travel the world and enjoy my life!!  

travel , see things that I have not done in years , meet some new friendly faces and shake some hands.

Empower Network gives a chance to make a six figure income







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Well the name is catchy and unique for a business and it seems to mean a lot of things .

Empower to me means give strength in information.

information that will help a person, any person to overcome issues that he or she feels that is holding them back.

Empower Network gives you the tools you need in a straight forward no B.S. way.

Tools to grow as an affiliate of their products, your own business, other products, or all of  the above and than some.

Issues in life tends to slow anyone down when trying to meet goals. There are some good tools  Empower Network  is providing that can help you  reach your goals  in your business ,personal goals , and many more.

I have been looking for a company like this that leads you step by step  these guys are good! from what I am seeing and reading .

I mean a lot of companies want you to do so much, as to get results and sometimes the results are not  that great! hear what I am saying? 

I have been looking for a lot of years for someone to make it simple and straight to the chase, that means to point a to b. And not a lot of garbage in between, and being a person struggling like so many and a single parent for years to boot, this maybe my ticket to a better life.

In terms of a very big income  let’s see and maybe help some other people along the way!   

There is a lot of cutting edge information on here , that will help you meet your goals. 

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